23 Qualities An Artist Should Have To Get Signed Up By A Record Label


You have been playing in a band for some time but never seem to get that break. By a break I mean the best break a band can get is to have someone invest in them so that they can reach the highest level possible. Here is a take on what a Record Label/Investor might look for in a band. Gone are the days where drunk or stoned rockstars ruled the stage. Decent is the new thing! Punctuality counts. Reliability Counts. Dependability counts.

Nobody would want to invest effort or money into a band that is late for practice, is undisciplined or immature, or who don’t understand what music the common folk want etc.

So here’s a list of a few things (in no particular order) I think that you should keep in mind:

  1. Make great music! If you don't have this, stop reading right now and go make some great songs first.
  2. Build a decent local fan-following. If you can't move your own family, friends & local community with your music, maybe it's time to check career options?
  3. Be Disciplined and Punctual. A person who arrives on time has more value than someone who can play better but is MIA.
  4. Trustworthiness: Don't be a douche bag. Simple enough?
  5. Look good, have an identity on stage. Invest in your persona.
  6. Build a natural connection with the crowd. Connect with the people who are there to listen to you. DO NOT alienate them.
  7. No spoon-feeding, the band should have initiative and do things on their own.
  8. Behave like an organisation: Let all the band members have individual roles and responsibilities and stick to it.
  9. Be involved and help the label with their own promotion, instead of relying completely on the label to do all their work. Grow together.
  10. Be ready at the drop of a hat to prepare for a show or a tour.
  11. Understand that business is business and their personal fancies are NOT.
  12. Learn and take feedback and criticism without being arrogant.
  13. Have enough material ready. Write songs every day!
  14. Stay close by and within reach, or be reachable at all times.
  15. Be transparent from Day 1.
  16. Be full-time musicians and don't have hands in too many jars.
  17. Music education and/or certification could be handy.
  18. Be a no-nonsense Band. Keep egos in check.
  19. Understand that the label is investing in you.
  20. Understand the value of MONEY and TIME.
  21. Be open and willing to collaborate with other people recommended by the label.
  22. Be Proactive instead of Reactive.
  23. Align to the general line of thinking towards a common goal.

A lot of the bands out there already have most of these qualities in place. You’ll just need to figure out which areas you’ll are lacking in so that you can improve, it shouldn’t take much time to figure that out. Just be CONSISTENT and put in LONG-TERM SUSTAINED EFFORT. Once you have all these qualities in place, there is no reason at all why a record label would not want to sign you on either as a solo artist or as a band.

This article is contributed by Luke Macedo, faculty artist for guitars at Muziclub. 

Image source: pixabay