Liberation in the Lockdown

Online Classes @muziclub

Arduous time brings with it a set of challenges and a set of opportunities. It additionally makes humans more vigorous to face upcoming challenges.

Music provides motivation to fight any quandary.

For all muziclub students, the lockdown was a sudden quandary. We did not know how long it will last, and till today, there is lot of uncertainity around this.

This sudden stoppage did not sanction some of our staff and teachers to get prepared well to handle the Online way of learning music, but it has been a inundating effort by all to ascertain we can perpetuate the learning process.

Our endeavour is to amend the online way of learning and make it a very effective method in the future. We are currently working on ways that we can address the interests of our students in the best possible way.

For the first 3 weeks of Online classes conducted by our teachers, we have had very positive feedback and we are improving day by day.

Here are some of our student's testimonials emboldening our initial efforts:

"It's really a good idea and need of the hour to keep kids busy home in mids of this crisis… Appreciate the initiative taken by you ma'am.. Vivaan enjoyed the session and is waiting for next Friday… kind of stress buster"

"Thanks Swati ma'am, the online class is working quite well. The kids are learning and enjoying it, and we parents also get to see them learn πŸ‘πŸΌ"

"Same here, Swati maam, Netra is in the online classes and in this time of lockdown it's something to look forward to. Plus it takes the children's attention away from the 'whole stuck at home n can't do anything' syndrome. I think it is a good initiative, our world is changing n we need to change our way of doing things now. Thank u πŸ™"

"Hello mam..the online class is working well for me too..It is proving helpful in these times of isolation..😊"

"It's a very good experience. In this lockdown also we are going on , learning music which keeps positivity in everyone's life."

"Mam, getting to practice singing and learning it further in this lockdown is a boon.
We are thoroughly enjoying the experience
Glad that u guys figured out a way to stay connected
Thanks a ton!

"My 7 yr old son Farhan Pastakia loves Muziclub. He studies Hindustani Vocal with Swati Sen Mam and Western Vocals with Sobiya Mam.
He was very happy to know that Muziclub had decided to go online. Both the teachers are very punctual and systematic , patient and encouraging. They haven't let the physical challenges affect their teaching. Farhan and I, both are very happy with Muziclub's online classes. Kudos to the teachers for all
their efforts !!!!

This is for the first time that I heard Khushi's music session with you. I really appreciate the efforts that you take for your students. Also, the way you make the session interactive and interesting for students.
But I had a couple of observations and opinions which you may incorporate in your session just to make students more aware of and respect music and specially Guru..
First is starting every session with Guru vandana and Saraswati vandana. And insisting students and also making it mandatory to practice whatever taught well at home everyday for at least half an hour. Being their Guru, it is more obvious that they will listen and pay attention more to your preachings.
Thanks to you and Muziclub to find this innovative way of learning during this tough time.
My wishes to you, your family and the entire Muziclub Team!! Stay safe..
Khushi's Mom.

"Thanks a lot, Muziclub for walking that extra mile to maintain continuity. It has made the lockdown period easier.
It is a pleasure listening to the beautiful voice and singing of Swati Sen Ma'am and tuning in to her lessons. It has helped me improve and utilize this time better.
Thanks a lot for your empathy Muziclub

"Thank you for taking the wonderful initiative. It is a great way to utilize time. Swati ma'am has done a lot of effort and I truly appreciate the thought. She is a great teacher and has encouraged and motivated me. I would love to continue with the online lessons.
Rachna Rohilla

"My daughter Rudrani Pal is really loving the online classes, started by Muziclub, the same way she used to do it in her singing class. Muziclub is really making a jolly good use of the lockdown to music….Thanks to Muziclub team..πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»β€β€"

"Wishing here to thank Muziclub and Swati ma'am for giving the students the opportunity to pursue their passion by arranging the online sessions. In such a difficult and uncertain time, these sessions are keeping us rejuvenated and reassured.
Swati ma'am is a joy to learn with. She is taking as much efforts and much more to make these sessions a success. I wait eagerly for the class.

"I really appreciate the quick transition to online classes and dedication of Swati Sen ma'am to teach us with the same enthusiasm and keep us with our passion."

"Pritika is enjoying the online class as she was doing in classroom. Though sometimes there are connection problems, it's a good option in this lockdown situation to keep the continuity of learning & practicing.
Pritika's mom

"Thanks muziclub and Swati Sen mam for the online classes
It helps a lot to gain my knowledge of music in continuation. Thanks a lot mam

"I am 64, shifted from Mumbai 3 yrs ago, and found muziclub now, and continued learning my long-paused journey of learning Hindustani classical. I really enjoy learning with Swati mam, she teaches from her heart. Because of lockdown, I was missing my classes, but muziclub and Swati mam came forward with online classes and I am delighted, I can continue learning my music,
Thanks a lot, muziclub and Swati Sen mam