10th Annual Day Competition

FAQ about the contest
NOTE: Last date for submission extended to 10 July 2020 (earlier 30 June 2020)

This Annual Day Contest is for all muziclub students. We will be selecting all performers for the Annual day based on this contest entries. 10th Annual day celebrations have been postponed (will be held most likely in January 2021). Please read below for more details and answers to your common queries.

Q1: How to send the entries?
ANS- Please upload the video of your entry on google drive or any other cloud platform and share link in e-mail to muziclub@muziclub.com with following details. We should be able to download the video from this link.
A. Category
B. Participant or Team member names
C. Age of participant(s)
D. Centre – Baner, PS or HJW

Q2. Is that fine if solo singing is without any instrument?
ANS: Yes

Q3: Can I sing along with guitar, this will fall into which category?
ANS: Solo Singing category

Q4: Can I send my video with some audio or video tweaks, can we send edited or processed sound?

Q5: Can we send multiple entries in one category?
ANS: Yes

Q6: Can we participate in more than 1 category?
ANS: Yes

Q7: What is the last date for submission and when will the prizes be declared?
ANS: Last date of submission : 10 July 2020
Prizes will be declared : 10 Aug 2020

Q8: What will be the rewards if we win?
ANS: Apart from the selection for Muziclub Annual day Show, we will have some prizes in each of the 4 categories. These prizes will be disclosed along with the results on 10 Aug 2020.

Q9: What are the selection criteria?
ANS: Entries will be judged on the following parameters:
1. Choice/Selection
2. Originality
3. Innovation: Does it offer something new to the listener? And if so, is it a positive evolution, or innovation simply for the sake of being different?
4. Content: Lyrics, composition, arrangement, instrumentation etc. How well is the piece constructed?
5. Delivery: Are the vocals and instrumentals well executed?
6. Engagement: Do the artists appear involved in what they’re performing? Is there a perceptible level of emotion involved in the piece?
7. Intent/message: Is the piece thought-provoking? Does it encourage the listener to contemplate its message, or is it simply background music?
8. Involvement: Does the piece automatically pull the listener into the music?
9. Cohesiveness: Do all of the above factors seamlessly come together to create a compelling piece?

Q10: What will happen if we win or lose? Will we get a chance to perform somewhere?
ANS: Winners will be automatically selected to perform in the Annual day. As muziclub promotes performances, we are constantly looking out for our students to perform at local events.
Apart from the winners of the categories, we will also select students for the Annual day from other good performances that we receive.

Q11: What about the annual day is it cancelled for this year or will happen on a later date?
ANS: We have postponed it – likely late Jan 2021 as of now, if everything is fine.

Q12: Who all can participate? Can I participate if I have left muziclub(not an active student), or can non-student participate?
ANS: This contest is open only for active students of muziclub. We may come out with contests open for all later, but this one is specific to our current students.

Q13: Can I record audio and video separately and send as one track after merging it?
ANS: No, the contest entry should be a single recording.

Q14: Can I send using some other platform not google drive
ANS: Yes, but we should be able to download from that link.

Q15: What shall be the length of the video? What is the maximum length allowed?
ANS: Length of the video for one entry should be less than 7 min

Q16: What should be the size of the video, what is the maximum size?
ANS: Please try to restrict the video under 200 MB

Q17: What are the acceptable formats?
ANS: MP4 is the preferred video format for upload.